Check and Remittance OCR API Data Extraction

Extract remittance and MICR details from bank checks, streamline matching against payments to manage your Image LockBox

Check recognition API

Hosted and on-premise bank check OCR deployment

Extract remittance details

  • With our intelligent algorithms we handle multipage files to read tabular data in fast and accurate way. Extract remittance details from images, emails, PDFs and match them against payments

Read MICR data

  • Our Data Extraction Engine captures Magnetic Inc Character Recognition (MICR) details from photo, images, scanned hardcopies and digital PDFs
check OCR API

Data Extraction API powered by
Machine Learning and NLP

We use a combination of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and NLP to capture data from bank check images.
ScanDocFlow is a cutting-edge solution for your remote deposit capture (RDC) and Cash Application


Accurate data extraction with advanced image preprocessing 


Highly-scalable architecture allows to process thousand of images just in some minutes


Building a cost effective solution is important. Our technology allows to cut processing cost