OCR and Data Extraction API

Automate documents processing, turn unstructured documents into structured data with AI



Extract invoice header and table data

Tax Form

Capturing data from any Tax Form

Bank Statement

Automated transactions processing

Acord Form

Acord forms and claims recognition

Intelligent Automation
Dedicated to your Business

 We help companies to leverage the advancements of machine-learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and NLP algorithms to automate routine tasks of documents processing

Industry verticals and Documents

There are hundreds of documents that can be automated,  we provide the right OCR technology to make it work 


Accounts payable automation, invoice and bank statements


Enhance your workflows with custom made OCR API and Data Extraction 


Automate processing of assembly drawings, schemes and blueprints


Packaging lists, bill of lading, POs and other documents


Medical forms to improve your KYC experience

Data points parsed
Webhooks sent
Man hours saved

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We are sharing our success stories how we have been incorporating OCR and Data Extraction 
technology into various industry verticals to bring business process automation to a new level