OCR and Data Extraction API

Extract key data from any document format with the highest precision and performance




  • Sync and Async API
  • Flexible response format
  • Upload via S3 bucket
  • Hosted and on-premise deployment

Cloud and On-premises

  • Handling any document layout and file format
  • Optical Character Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Dedicated table data parsing algorithms
  • NLP algorithms to understand content better

OCR Data Extraction API
On Demand

Sync and Async OCR API specifically tailored to your development process

Working with any document type or layout

Flexibly tailored API response format 

Secure, fast, scalable



Didn't find your question? Drop us a line

Our API works with any document type and capable of extracting any key-value, tablular data or other component you would like to extract

We provide Freemium option so you can use and test up to 50 pages of any document per month, Pricing varies on document type but 0,05$ USD per page is the average 

Yes, just send us a message with document sample, list of data you would like to extract and we will arrange everything

We arrange response format as per the best practices but we also  customize to make fit it into your project better