Invoice2data templates support

ScanDocFlow application can extract key data from any document with 2 approaches:

  • automatic, using machine learning (ML) and Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms
  • using additional sets of rules, which we call templates.

The template approach allows you to fully control the response via the API or within the application:
– change fields naming 
– calculate additional fields or combination of fields 
– build complex logic for a specific vendor/supplier or document type

If you would like to use fully automatic mode via ScanDocFlow app, please upload documents into a ‘xtract’ document type. If you would like to use template approach please upload documents into an ‘invoice’ document type.

All template and fields mapping related requirements can be submitted via and via our live support chat. If you submit a document that we don’t have template for, our team will automatically create a template for your specific vendor type. Some templates are created in advance while for the rest we strive to automatically create those within the first 24 hours starting from upload date.  

If you have a large data set of invoice templates but need to either expand the capabilities of the open-source library or use extended 24/7 support please feel free to try our app or contact us to discuss details:

We also decided to add support for invoice2data templates to the ScanDocFlow app so that everybody can utilize advanced customization and support.

We hope this initiation to bring extra value for all developers or companies who are looking for a production ready invoice2data alternatives or just want to support rapidly growing dev community.